This duplex apartment is situated in Warsaw, Poland. It is an interior in which the owners feel like they are in the unique home of their dreams. In this interior the family is a unity and each unit is an individual. The interior challenges standards and resists transient trends, but at the same time it exhibits top quality materials and finishes. Good quality, luxurious materials – original and very exclusive – were very important both for the investors and the designers. The apartment has a spacious living room and open plan kitchen, a cozy master bedroom, four bathrooms, two children rooms, a guest room and a home office. A characteristic interior design element connecting upstairs to downstairs is a staircase with a beautiful railing – although that was nearly replaced by something more functional! Most of the furniture and appliances were made and designed by HOLA Design or by HOLA Design under the Stylhen brand. We also used some well-known designer accents; the examples being Ghost Chair or Plastic Side Chairs. The interior remains coherent and consistent, and although it is minimalist, we have managed to include several glamourous elements in a very subtle way.