This spacious apartment is intimately located in Warsaw’s Praga district: a four-room apartment for a four-member family, designed and completed by HOLA Design studio and its contractor companies, reaching a high standard and applying a “turn-key” option. The living room has a separate, yet integrated kitchen area. The central part of the apartment is dominated by a black, shiny, separating slab of polished MDF, concealing one of the two bathrooms, dining room furniture, an aquarium and a wine cooling unit. The concept of the apartment is based on a contrast of black with various shades of gray and warm whites. The entire space, completed with furniture and a floor of the color of North American hickory walnut, is available both in a matte or polished finish. A bio fireplace was incorporated into the TV wall, which is finished with slabs of raw travertine. The entertainment center cabinet is made entirely out of black granite, and the light of flames in the fireplace twinkle in the evenings, being reflected on the stone wall and emphasizing its natural charm. The finish of the bathrooms was created out of a wall cover of tinted glass. In one of the bathrooms there is a large, two-person shower enclosure with two shower heads. One of the walls in the hallway leading to the two children rooms is adorned with an impressive family photo gallery. The children rooms have strong wall accents of large-format graphic art. The master bedroom is located in the most intimate part of the apartment with its own, spacious walk-in closet. The walls of the bedroom are finished with upholstered panels, improving the acoustics of the room and adding a touch of coziness. Most of the furniture was individually designed by HOLA Design. The entire project was completed by the contractors working with the HOLA Design studio.